LG and Energy Star partner up to promote energy-efficient products

It’s no news that the international appliance and electronics manufacturer LG has been a long-standing partner of Energy Star, offering energy-efficient products to the eco-minded consumer. Earlier this year however, according to Bloomberg and a press release circulated by LG, the company took one more step towards promoting energy-saving alternatives to traditional appliances and electronics by introducing the “Energy Star Most Efficient” recognition criteria.

The new classification was awarded to the top 5% of appliances from their respective categories with a focus on exceptional efficiency performance. According to the Environmental Leader, 15 washing machines, 18 televisions and 4 central air conditioners or heat source pumps were included in the initial launch.

The question on everybody’s mind following the launch – including those of representatives from LG HQ – was whether or not customers would respond to scaled up promotion of energy-efficient products. Well, it’s one year later and the results are finally in.

Sales of “Energy Star Most Efficient” products rise 75%

After launching the “Most Efficient” line of products, energy-efficient LG products have soared, as the company reports sales of more than 750,000 in the US alone this year –a 75% increase in sales of the same kind from 2011. Energy-efficient products that have received the “Most Efficient” designation include Energy Star-qualified TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners.

So, why are customers so eager to get their hands on “green” products? According to Green Biz, a recent survey of 3,622 consumers conducted by LG revealed energy-efficiency to be the third most important attribute when selecting an appliance, following closely behind reliable brand and good value for money. Moreover, using these appliances and electronics will save consumers over $150 million in utility costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 930 million pounds over the lifetime of the products.

In response to the increase in sales of energy-efficient products, John Taylor, Vice President of Public Affairs at LG Electronics USA, is quoted as saying: “The ‘Most Efficient’ designation complements and enhances the Energy Star brand, providing useful differentiation for retailers and consumers alike, as people seek products that deliver energy savings, performance and features that enhance their lives.”

Canadian consumers hot on the trail of American buyers

While sales of energy-efficient products are shown to have risen in the US, buying responsibly is by no means a trend confined to American shoppers alone. According to the LG website, the brand has also produced Canada’s #1 front load laundry brand for two years running; a good sign that Canadian buyers are also starting to invest in more energy-efficient technology.

The LG front load laundry brand has also been rated by consumer magazine as the most reliable front load washer brand, said to have higher spin speeds than top loaders which reduce drying time and energy consumption, saving customers up to $900 on energy and water bills.

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image credit: LGEPR