The Pertamina Tower will rise more than 500 meters above Jakarta with plans to generate its own energy from solar, wind and geothermal sources.

Indonesia’s tallest tower will serve as a centerpiece in the city’s capital as well as a headquarters for the state-owned energy company.  This ‘beacon of energy’ will add to the skyline as it represents a new standard of sustainable development, according to

Let’s talk about the energy this building will generate

The primary design driver for the Pertamina Energy Tower is, well, energy. Sustainability is at the heart of this project and the approach taken integrates architectural design, structural engineering and sustainable engineering services.

With Jakarta close to the equator, this tower will be absorbing solar energy throughout the year. At the peak of the tower, there’s a wind funnel that generates energy by capturing wind, taking it in before it speeds it up to run through vertical wind turbines that’ll produce wind energy for the building. Below ground, geothermal sources will be working its magic.

The Pertamina Energy Tower is receiving a lot of positive attention for its efficiency and green efforts — offering Indonesia a flattering light in the world’s green scene.

“Along with other strategies, the energy-saving design elements mean that the campus — which will include a mosque, a performing arts and exhibition center, and sports facilities along with the office space — can keep energy use low enough that renewable power may be able to cover its entire energy needs,” reports

Hopefully, this building’s clever sustainable design will inspire North American architecture to follow suit and think of ways to incorporate renewable energy in future buildings.

This project is set to be complete by 2020. 

Some project details


Project Completion Year: 2020

Site Area: 57,512 m2

Project Area: 495,000 m2

Number of Stories: 99

Building Height: 530 m


Image credit: kardoman.tumangger