What if sidewalks were solar panels and taking a stroll in the sunshine meant taking steps on an awesome renewable energy source? Well, it’s possible now.

With the help of Onyx Solar, buildings are about to get more energy-efficient.

Here’s a new first: a world-first, walkable piece of solar-paneled pavement. Folks at The George Washington University can now take an energy-efficient walk across the newly installed energy source on the Virginia Campus.

There is such thing as a solar-panel sidewalk

The collaborative efforts of Onyx Solar and The George Washington University have resulted in quite the achievement: an installation of a walkable, solar-paneled sidewalk on the university’s campus, according to Australian Design Review.

Photovoltaics specialist from Spain, Onyx Solar, is the mastermind behind the design of the semi-translucent panels that were combined with concrete to construct this innovative new path at the university. Studio39 Landscape Architecture and some clever students at the Solar Institute at the university came together and executed the concept — the team effort has resulted in the world’s first solar walking path, reports Inhabitat.

Energy details about the solar installation

With a total of 27 durable, slip-resistant photovoltaic panels embedded in a street level Solar Walk, from the small distance between the Exploration and innovation halls, the sun can generate 400 watt-peaks of electricity.

This Solar Walk is a nine-square metre area of pavement that takes in solar radiation and, by using semiconductors, turns that into electricity.

The energy produced by this Solar Walk is enough to power to light the 450 LED lit pathway beneath the street-level walk.

Now, that’s an energy-efficient light at the end of the tunnel, eh?

More about Onyx Solar

Not only does this innovative company specialize in building photovoltaics — but they are also about thermal and acoustic insulation, UV/R filters in smart designs and natural daylighting.

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Image credit: Onyx Solar