McDonald’s released a sneak-peek of its brand-new flagship facility in Stratford’s Olympic Park this week, and while it’s one of the biggest McDonald’s globally, it’s also the chain’s most sustainable restaurant to date.

The 1,500-seat, two-storey restaurant—which, during the Games, will be the busiest McDonald’s in the world— will serve as a testing ground for sustainability measures which, if they’re successful, could be incorporated into other restaurants as the chain continues its world-wide reimaging program.

Although the restaurant, along with three other McDonald’s outlets that will exclusively serve the Olympics, will be dismantled following the Games, all of the building material will be recycled, and 75% of the fixtures will be reused in the company’s other restaurants throughout the world.

Sustainability measures in the recyclable facility include:

  • Water-saving faucets
  • High-efficiency kitchen appliances
  • Hand-held order taking and contactless payment in express lines
  • Recycled cooking oil
  • Recycling bins for waste

The facility is being staffed by 500 of McDonald’s top-performing employees.

Image credit: Roland