Celebrating the energy-efficient initiatives of food trucks as we head into August, we thought we’d share this great post from our partners over at LEAF.

The truck that keeps on giving

Calgary’s Naaco Truck has taken social and environmental responsibility seriously since their inception in 2012. Owners Aman Adatia and Stephanie Shields developed their own initiative “Naaco Cuts Carbon”, to reduce their impact on the environment.

Besides being LEAF Certified, planting a roof top garden, and purchasing local foods, the Naaco team decided to go even further. Shields says, “This is all a part of our Naaco Cuts Carbon Initiative – planting 1 tree for every 500 customers, to help offset our carbon footprint (of driving around in a truck all day)…The goal of the project is to create a community gathering place with fresh fruit that people will hopefully use! We would also love to set an example, and challenge other businesses to do the same.”

A little help goes a long way

The project started with Stephanie Jackman from REAP, who offered to help the duo. “[Stephanie Jackman] approached the International Avenue BRZ who was very receptive to the idea of having the trees planted in some SE communities. So as we got to talking, we figured planting fruit bearing trees was a great way to make the project more in line with our idea, especially being a food service vehicle. As we went along, it grew into this amazing project involving so many different people, and that we are really proud of.”

The project ties into Naaco’s mission of giving back to the community that has allowed it to be the business it is today. Shields says, “It is basically a giant thank you! Not only do we want to be environmentally responsible, but we want to be socially responsible, and giving back to an area that  might not have access to good fresh farmer’s market fruit is (we think) a great way.”

The group planted 12 trees at the Dover Community Association, Forest Heights Playground, Forest Lawn Centennial Garden, and Albert Park Community Garden. “We are happy to leave such a lasting impression on the community, and it is our hope that it will keep on giving and that the communities will use them!” The Naaco Truck is especially proud of the partners they have made along the way, and says “it definitely would not have happened (at least not as easy) without them!”

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