Here at BizEnergy, we love to write about green initiatives taking place every day around Canada, and beyond. Whether it’s a hotel seeking a LEED or BOMA BESt green certification or a sous-chef harvesting honey in the heart of the city in order to cut down on energy costs and promote local production, we are committed to bring you a balanced mix of the trendiest and most relevant articles circulating the web. Now it’s your turn to takes the reins.

Whether you’re a fellow member of the travel and tourism community or a voyageur who enjoys eco-friendly travel, the time is now for you to shed light on who you think stands out in the industry as being ultra-dedicated to sustainable travel. That is, in fact, the point of the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, produced by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). Recipients of the awards stem from travel bureaus and companies, to hotels, resorts and national tourism boards that are paving the way for change throughout the industry.

Candidates for each award can apply or be nominated for one of four award categories including the: Destination Stewardship Award, Conservation Award, Community Benefit Award and the Global Tourism Business Award. Getting nominated is one thing; getting chosen, however, is another. Competition is fierce as nominees will have to live up to past winners like Inkaterra (Peru), winner of the 2012 Conservation Award for its ongoing efforts to encourage sustainable tourism within the Machu Picchu and Madre de Dios area of the Amazon rainforest.

According to the WTTC website, Inkaterra is a 100% carbon neutral hotel and has implemented a number of “self-supported, sustainable tourism projects to facilitate a better understanding among tourists and local peoples about the need to protect fragile habitats in the Andes and the Amazon of Peru, which is home to 84 of the world’s 104 identified ecological life zones.” Does your hotel do that?

If they do, you have until the 26th of November to apply for the chance to be recognized as one of the greenest hotels on earth. Visit the website for submission guidelines and to nominate yourself or a fellow member of the industry.

Good luck!

image credit: CubaGallery