A couple of weeks ago, we ran a post showing top energy efficiency tips from Canada’s greenest restaurants—and those were so popular we thought we’d post a couple more.

Kimberly Edwards, the sustainability coordinator at Beaver Valley Ski Club in central Ontario, said that, for them, using reusable dishes, glassware and cutlery was a big part of their environmental initiatives.

“Ditch the disposables, literally,” she wrote. “This is the most frequently observed ‘sustainability’ initiative in the kitchen that gets noticed by the public at our facility. It has helped us stand out from our competitors and has been a flexible platform for further initiatives such as composting.”

The club also keeps members and the public up-to-date on their efforts with their sustainability blog.

And back in the food truck world, Aman Adatia and Stephanie Shields of the Calgary-based Naaco Truck, wrote to say that going green wasn’t as difficult as people may think, because even small changes can make big differences.

The truck, which serves spicy “Neo Retro Indian” food, features LED lighting, high-efficiency appliances where possible, recycled paper products, and a completely electronic ordering system, which cuts down on paper usage. Adatia and Shields also plant two trees for every 1,000 customer to help offset their carbon footprint, and use their (stationary) rooftop garden to provide some of their herbs.

Adatia’s words of wisdom: “Even the smallest change can make the largest impact regardless of cost.”

So there you go, straight from Canada’s greenest restaurants. Do you have tips to share?

Image credit: vortistic