Finding the right blend of “green” meets eye-pleasing accessories for your hotel can be a challenge. You want things to look good, but also be good, for both the environment and the comfort of your valued guests. Thankfully, there’s a new desk lamp that is lighting the way to energy-efficiency for all hotel operators. Now part of the Pineapple Hospitality’s sustainable line-up, the HeronLED Task Light is a shining example of how a product with an attractive design can be made using sustainable products and produce energy-saving results.

Meeting a rise in customer demand

Pineapple Hospitality is one of the leaders of green product distribution within America and is committed to providing hotels with the greenest accessories in the hotel industry. Upon acquiring the HeronLED Personal Task Light into their product line, CEO of Pineapple Hospitality, Ray Burger had this to say, reports Hotel News Resource: “Guests want to stay at hotels that are green and committed to environmental initiatives. And while back-of-the-house efforts are key to realizing cost and energy savings, they are not immediately apparent to the guest. The HeronLED Personal Task Light makes a powerful, highly visible statement about a hotel’s commitment to sustainability, and support of green, American-made products while meeting the needs of the guest.”

While implementing green policies are an effective way of marketing your company’s commitment to energy-efficiency, investing in sustainable accessories and amenities allows your guests to be an active part of the change for good.

Energy-efficient with adjustable settings for optimal comfort

So, what makes the HeronLED Personal Task Light so remarkably efficient? To begin with, the lamp uses LED lighting, automatically lowering energy costs and extending life expectancy to 50,000 hours (8 hours a day for 17 years). Moving on to construct and design, the body of the lamp is made from 89% recycled post-consumer ABS plastic and the metal base of the lamp is made from at least 70% scrap metal, leading to an overall post-consumer content of 58.4%. Built using the “cradle to cradle” concept, the product has also been built in order to facilitate the disassembly and recycling of nearly all lamp components.

If you’ve been focusing on buildings green properties to shelter your hotel guests, this lamp can contribute points in LEED categories like Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, and Indoor Environmental Quality. What’s the icing on this sustainable cake? The HeronLED Task Light is now ENERGY STAR approved.

In case you’re worried about how the lamp looks, aesthetic bonuses include a warm white light setting for guests who want to create a softer ambience and an ergonomic design to make the lamp as user-friendly as possible.

The big deal behind LittleFootprint Lighting

Learn more about the sustainable story behind LittleFootprint Lighting and the HeronLED Personal Task Light in the video below, which includes details about their desire to incorporate e-waste into the design:

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image credit: Q Hospitality Management