Green businesses looking to meet their environmental and sustainability goals have a helpful guide available now provided by our partners from LEAF (Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice).

The folks over at LEAF have put together their first edition of a thoughtful, simple Annual Green Supplier Guide. LEAF approved, companies that are listed offer both environmental products and services that can help green businesses tackle waste management, cleaning agents and renewable energy.

With suggestions of Bullfrog Power for companies who want to opt for clean, renewable energy to Bluplanet recycling for waste management, LEAF offers their stamp of approval as they promote greener solutions to operating businesses through suppliers.

Since releasing this guide in January, LEAF has added Bio-Vert to their list of LEAF approved suppliers for businesses in need of green cleaning products. An ECOLOGO certified product, Bio-Vert claims to be a safe, environmentally friendly option for folks in the foodservice industry. For other business sectors, Bio-Vert offers a variety of cleaning products that range from laundry detergents to bathroom and all purpose cleaners.

When it comes to setting sustainability initiatives, resources such as can be useful for businesses as they offer some direction for where to power up and what suppliers use in efforts to achieve a greener business.

BizEnergy also offers rebates and incentives for companies who are getting energy-efficient.


Image credit: Tarik-tjs