Our partners at LEAF are on board with BluPlanet Recycling — so we’re sharing their post to show you why.

While many local governments across Canada don’t yet offer recycling and composting to businesses, such as restaurants, Calgary’s BluPlanet Recycling has stepped up to fill the void. This private company has recently become a new Approved Supplier for LEAF and they’re encouraging their members to start using this service.

It’s about responsible waste management

It is, after all, one of LEAF’s 10 Areas of Sustainability. Nearly 100 per cent of a restaurant’s waste can boycott a fate in a landfill — with BluPlanet Recycling and their services, recycling and composting can reduce this environmental concern.

With BluPlanet Recycling’s pre and post-consumed organics program, clients are given the opportunity to enjoy a user-friendly system that will get rid of front-end and back-end organics streams.

“BluPlanet is also Calgary’s leading supplier of comminged recycling which allows their clients the opportunity to maximize the impact of their waste diversion program,” says LEAF, “Blu Planet is the largest provider of co-mingled recycling in the city with over 15,000 multi-family residences and over 200 businesses using their services today.”

Hiring BluPlanet Recycling can benefit your business and contribute to your reputation as being environmentally responsible — mostly because, well, you will be handling your waste responsibly.

BluPlanet takes social and environmental responsibility seriously

This waste removal company has achieved the best overall waste diversion rate out of any provider in Calgary, according to their site.

Our friends at LEAF are big fans of the company:

“BluPlanet Recycling is a member of the UNEP Climate Neutral Network, proud member of the Vibrant Communities Calgary Living Wage Leader Program, active member of the Respect for Earth and People (REAP) association, and in 2011, became Calgary’s 4th business to become a registered Benefit Corporation (B-Corp), who set one of the highest standards for business social and environmental sustainability in the world. Additionally, they operate several partner programs with local not-for-profit organizations to raise funds through refundable beverage container and clothing donation programs. In 2013 BluPlanet expects to divert over 1000 tonnes of materials from Calgary landfills and will be expanding their service offering which, besides the core group of recyclable materials, also includes electronics, paint, batteries, compact fluorescent light-bulbs, organic composting, large-volume cardboard and a new fluorescent tube recycling services. “Our growth and success as a company is measured by how well we serve our community and environment as much as our financial gains.”

Here at BizEnergy, we offer incentives to those who make energy efficient efforts.

If you’re interested in getting green with BluPlanet, check out their site for more details.

Image credit: cookiepants1973