In honour of Earth Day, which took place on April 22nd, our partners over at LEAF have published a blog featuring this year’s list of “Canada’s Greenest Restaurants”. Check it out!

LEAF Reveals its 2nd Annual “Canada’s Greenest Restaurants” List in Honour of Earth Day

 LEAF Recognizes Environmental Leaders across Canada

LEAF is once again celebrating Earth Day by shining a light on Canadian restaurants that have made a commitment to be as environmentally responsible as possible. Our 2nd Annual “Canada’s Greenest Restaurants” list helps customers choose eating establishments that are doing their part to reduce the impact the restaurant industry has on the environment.

LEAF is pleased to recognize the following companies that are working with LEAF to reduce their environmental impact in 10 key areas of sustainability:


  • Locals | Courtenay, Vancouver Island






  • Bitters - Memorial University of Newfoundland | St. John’s

With increasing pressure by the public for companies to adopt environmental and sustainable programs, restaurateurs are quickly recognizing the value in LEAF certification. As the only nationwide environmental and sustainable certification program for the Canadian Foodservice Industry, we’re looking forward to adding many more restaurants and organizations across Canada to the list in 2013. There are tremendous environmental and financial benefits to being a LEAF member, including a reduction in energy, water and waste costs.

Anyone can help by visiting a LEAF certified restaurant in your area, or by asking your favourite restaurant to be greener by becoming LEAF certified!

image credit: Roger T. Wong