Going green in the good old days

It used to be so easy to go green didn’t it? Start recycling, build your own compost box or green bin and invest in some eco-friendly light bulbs just to quell the critics. Nowadays, the options to go green are so plentiful and the pressure so high to meet customer expectations that the idea of adopting sustainable practices for small business owners can be a bit overwhelming.

Following an in-depth look last week at Starbucks and their approach to sustainability, we’ve learned that going green isn’t always easy; and it certainly isn’t cheap. While Starbucks was able to create a model that was successful in addressing a number of issues, from energy and water conservation efforts to the building of greener stores, it’s clear that not all business owners have the means or resources necessary to undertake such large-scale sustainable initiatives.

Baby steps for small business owners

The good news is, this doesn’t have to stop you, or your company, from turning over a new leaf. No matter the size of your company, there are plenty of changes to be made, one step, or certification, at a time to help lessen your ecological footprint and adopt sustainable green practices.

Simple things like switching to energy efficient lighting or equipment (ovens, fryers, steam bookers, broilers dishwashers and ventilation systems) can open doors to valuable rebates and incentives, reduce energy consumption, and can save your company a whole lot of money in long run.

Advice from the Expert

Tedx talks presenter and Director of Food Safety and Sustainability for Mario Batali and Joe & Lidia Bastianic, Elizabeth Meltz, is a vetted expert in helping restaurants adopt sustainable practices.

In the Tedx talk featured below,”The Reality of Green Restaurants”, Meltz shares some of the secrets to successfully greening a business of any size.

Ready? Set? Go Green!

For some more great advice on how to green your business, check out these Top tips from Canada’s greenest restaurants.

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