With Arden’s reign over the wonderful world of renewable energy being passed down to me — I felt like I should say hello before we tap into energy efficiency together.

People call me Chloe and while I have been covering a variety of subjects through freelance for years, I have signed on to take over BizEnergy and focus on all things green and, y’know, sustainability.

Stepping into the green scene as Editor

During my time as a travel writer, I spent my fair share of life in hotels. From Mexico to China, water conservation has been a concern and responsibility for accommodations. Rather than leaving my towel on the ground for housekeeping, I supported the green messaging and energy efficiency by hanging it on a hook (though I do love when I come back to my room and my towel is shaped like an elephant wearing my sunglasses.)

Though I didn’t actually have a choice in where I stayed, I always respected and appreciated hotels that did their part as they appeared socially and environmentally responsible. Whether they’re irrigating with greywater or instituting a reusable towel and sheet program — these businesses are being energy efficient and conscious of human consumption. Little details like this make sleeping in a random bed just that much cozier.

With respect to businesses that aim to achieve an energy efficient initiative, BizEnergy will strive to obtain and share their methods and successes in the food service, retail, accommodations and small industrial sectors as we cater to our responsible readers.  Of course, we will also continue to reward businesses that are willing to reduce their energy consumption and improve their bottom line with incentives.

Preparing to love life in this community

While I look forward to producing new content with fresh perspectives for BizEnergy, I’m also excited to engage with folks connected with us on our social media platforms! Our Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin groups have collected a great crew of awesome people I am already enjoying interactions with.

If there is anything you want to see covered, never hesitate to reach out.  Here’s to the future of BizEnergy!

Image credit: kchloetse