It’s called The Emerald — and this green accommodation is Cornwall’s first zero carbon holiday destination.

It’s a boutique resort built by Tim Kemp and his wife, Brigitte, following retirement from oil broking a few years ago. Their vision was to build UK’s first zero carbon holiday destination that achieved the highest sustainable homes rating (government’s code 6 standard), according to The Guardian.

Well, they did it!

What makes The Emerald so sustainable?

This green holiday destination doesn’t compromise luxury and comfort to achieve a high sustainability status. Built at Emerald Melody Farm in Truro, The Emerald generates its own energy and produces its own water.

There’s a photovoltaic farm on the site to produce the electricity while solar panels heat the water.  Well insulated with natural materials, The Emerald is very energy-efficient. Waste management includes recycling and they’ve managed to send less than 1 per cent of their garbage to the landfills.

Also, they’ve planted over 100 trees.

“We operate according to the Code for Sustainable Homes and we are assessed according to this code in order to demonstrate that we are zero carbon and truly environmentally friend,” The Emerald says on their official site.

Let’s not forget their rainwater collection system or the fact they’re also using grey water recycling at The Emerald as well.

Looks like the Kemps did, indeed, prove sustainability can be luxurious, eh?

Here’s a sweet video showing off The Emerald

Before The Emerald, Tim Kemp had no building experience — but since, he has become an eco-warrior executing his green vision with his wife. They market their accommodations for folks looking for a sweet hideaway — catering to couples and families interested in a secluded sanctuary.

Oh, here’s a YouTube video tour of The Emerald:

In their ‘The Team’ section of their website they include their dog, Pippin. This couple is adorable as they prove The Emerald deserves a green spotlight.


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