Make this year’s Halloween energy efficient with these sweet energy saving tips to avoid hauntings on your next energy bill.

Whether you’re a small office, retailer, restaurant or hotel — it’s always good for business to get a little festive. Halloween is especially fun (not just because you have that wonderful coworker who lives to bake seasonal cookies) but because the decorations and the option to dress up give your staff an opportunity to show spirit!

Here are some energy conservation tips for a spooky green Halloween.

Creating an eerie ambiance

Since Halloween is meant to be dark and ‘scary’, this means artificial lighting is something most festive spirits try to avoid. Carved pumpkins with candles work well to set the mood and for a spooktacular experience, there are LED Halloween lights. With brighter, richer colours, LED light strings can live for up to 100,000 hours and use about 90% less electricity.

Websites like LED Holiday Lighting available, there are tons of energy efficient options available to help make Halloween more exciting this year. From pumpkin orange to Hocus Pocus Purple LED lights, your office can glow with seasonal productivity.

If you have older LED lights with a fate for the graveyard, send them to for an opportunity to be recycled and live again!

Because decorations are fun

When hunting for energy-using props, consider going solar. With everything from a solar groovy grave to a corpse solar light, the Inventor Spot offers a list of great green Halloween products.

While you’re setting up for All Hallows’ eve, check your building for cracks or leaks. Sealing up before the winter can save you from spooky heating costs that can sneak their way in. A well insulated haunted house is an energy efficient one!

Getting into costume

Instead of running out and purchasing new costumes, trade with your coworkers. If you feel like getting creative, consider going to thrift shops — rummage through the racks and bins for sweet pieces that you can put together for something original and give it a new life!

Beware of the phantoms and the vampires

For unwanted guests like phantom loads or energy vampires, unplug unused devices in your building to avoid scares on your energy bill. Chargers, printers, electronics set on standby can all haunt your green efforts. Tip: to battle these uninvited visitors, use a power bar to plug your electricity-hungry devices in. When you’re ready to leave the room, flick the switch to off and fear not!

Of course, for businesses that are getting green this Halloween, we have incentives.

Make green choices this Halloween, BizEnergy friends!


Image credit: Frank Grace