Well, well, well. Last week, we posted about installing an energy management system in your restaurant, with the idea that automating some of your start-up/shut-down routines would help eliminate human error and, in the process, save your energy costs.

Synchronicity struck this week with an article about  lightbulbs that can be controlled through WiFi. Essentially a tiny circuit board that’s inserted into a CFL or LED bulb, the new technology means automating your lights—creating an on-off schedule, for example, or adjusting light levels throughout the day—is easier and simpler than ever. Just log on, check your lights, download an app or two, and voila: ambience and energy efficiency.

Next up? Maybe cheaper smart fridges and hot water heaters…stay tuned.

How do you automate the systems in your restaurant? Have you gone high tech? Let us know in the comments.

Image credit: matt512