On the road again, finally

Let the celebrations begin! After being banned for more than 50 years, the food truck is making a comeback in Montreal. Said to be unhygienic, food trucks were banned in 1947 with exceptions made only during certain public events and festivals. Fingers crossed, if all goes well during talks with city council members, these popular and eco-friendly, mobile units could be hitting the pavement of Montreal streets as early as summer 2013.

While citizens and food-truck owners may be rejoicing, the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association (CFRA) has said via its website that while it welcomes and supports food trucks in Montreal, they must follow the same rules and regulations as other restaurants. In order to equalize the playing round between food trucks and immobile restaurants who can’t “park it” in front of other establishments, the Vice-President of the CFRA, Jean Lefebvre recommends that “food trucks maintain a minimum distance of 100 metres from any existing restaurant.”

Montreal hopes food trucks will increase tourism

While the city of Montreal doesn’t seem to suffer from a lack of visitors, both international and domestic, Councillor Bernard Blanchet tells the CBC that the reintroduction of food trucks is necessary to keep up with other North American cities that have long been renowned for offering up some tasty road-side treats: “It’s been done in New York and Toronto … all across the world. It’s a new standard for tourism.”

So, what can we expect come summer in Montreal? According to tourisme-montreal, food trucks will be found all over the city including major event venues like the Quarter des Spectacles and at festivals like Pop-up Culinaire and First Fridays at the Big O (the Olympic Park). Some of the trucks you’ll find cruising the streets include Grumman‘78, La Mangeoire, Nouveau Palais, Crêpe-moi!, Pas d’Cochon dans mon salon, Lucky’s Truck, and Pastaga. Bon Appetit!

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image credit: scoboco