One of the interesting things about running this website is checking the analytics data to see what content’s been popular (yes, I’m a bit of a data nerd).

As I pointed out in my December article about the top ten BizEnergy posts of 2011, we never can precisely predict what people will find relevant, popular, and helpful. Oh, sure, we keep track of search terms, and popular content—but posting articles is always as much art as it is science.

For example, our How-to post about food trucks stays high up on our Top Content list (thank you, readers!) week after week after week. And although we’re not surprised that people are looking for alternatives to bricks-and-mortar restaurants, we’re pleasantly pleased that the content has stayed consistently popular for more than six months.

For those folks who may already be working in a traditional restaurant, energy savings are starting to become a big deal—and people are starting to get smarter about implementing the right measures at the right time.

That’s part of the reason our DIY energy audit tool has gotten steadily more popular over the last couple of months—it’s comprehensive, so it takes a little time to complete, but it gives restaurant owners a good place to start in looking at trying to save energy and money.

Finally, we’ve been looking more and more at local food: highlighting great new initiatives like Ontariofresh and providing some tips for working with local suppliers—and every time we post something about local food, traffic goes up.

It’s not precisely energy-related, but using local food can help reduce a restaurant’s costs and carbon footprint—and that’s kind of what we’re aiming at on a broad scale anyway.

We’d love to hear what you’d like to be reading. Send us a tweet at @bizenergy, and let’s get the conversation going.

Image credit: rhett maxwell