We’ve all heard the age-old wisdom: turn off appliances to save energy. Seal ducts with duct tape to reduce leaks.

According to Evan Mills, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory staff scientist, it ain’t necessarily so.

Mills recently published a list of commonly beliefs about energy efficiency which are, it turns out, not actually true.

Although the points are aimed at residential do-it-yourselfers, many of the myths apply to commercial businesses as well—most significantly, the one that cautions that installing energy-efficient appliance won’t save you money if the equipment isn’t sized and installed properly.

Other “tried-and-true” tips that may not actually help?

Cleaning your refrigerator coils may not have much effect its energy use. And even if you turn an appliance off, it may still be drawing power, costing you money and wasting energy.

Take a look at Mills’ complete list of energy efficiency myths.

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Image credit: ewallace