Three clever University of Toronto grads invented the most energy efficient light bulb on the planet. Formerly known as the NanoLight, the Nanoleaf generates the brightness of a 100-watt incandescent bulb but only consumes 12 watts of electricity.

The Nanoleaf, the highest-efficient LED bulb, made headlines throughout this year for both its unique design and being called the most energy efficient [LED bulb] in the world, according to ExtremeTech.

We decided it was a good time to let this new energy efficient light shine bright!

Here’s watts up: about the Nanoleafs energy efficiency

See, the standard consumer LED bulbs in the 20-60W range are common in the lighting market — but the brightness of 100W is rare. The Nanoleaf’s LED technology is the first to offer this 100W effect of producing 1600 lumens while running only at 12W.

Now, that’s efficient. But wait, there’s more!

While traditional incandescent lights actually consume a significant amount of energy when producing heat (in fact, 90% of the energy used in these common lights are being consumed by heat) — your fingers will never burn if you touch the Nanoleaf. Because energy efficiency is cool — and the coolest bulb out there would be the Nanoleaf!

There’s also a 10W Nanoleaf bulb available that produces light at 75W — and it costs $30 (this price includes the shipping). Though it may sound steep at first, this cool source of light actually has a pretty decent life.

“The company said that if you burn the bulb for an average of three hours a day, the bulb would last 20 years,” reports the Toronto Star.

Philips, a household name, does have a 100W available for retail — but it runs at 22W.

This Canadian breakthrough with the Nanoleaf is taking new LED technology to a whole new level!

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