Curious about what it takes to have the best bathroom in the business? If you’ve ever wondered how much value there is in going green, here’s one great reason not to flush your dreams of sustainability down the toilet. As it turns out, people love the concept of an eco-friendly bathroom; so much in fact, that an energy efficient toilet has been nominated into the finals of this year’s Cintas’ Canada’s Best Restroom Contest.

The Cintas’ Canada’s Best Restroom Contest has been running for the past three years and is open to any public washroom in Canada. Former Hall of Fame superstars include e11even (Toronto) and The Cactus Club Café (Vancouver).

This year’s eco-friendly finalist is the Langley Street Loo, located in Victoria, B.C. A very public unisex toilet made of stainless steel, the unit, purchased for $90,000 from the City of Portland, features a graffiti proof coating and an exterior hand washing station; but that’s not all. The restroom is powered entirely by solar powered LED lighting fixtures and meets ADA standards (Americans with Disabilities Act for Accessible Design). A winner in waiting? We think so, but first let’s scout out the competition.

This year, the top runners include:

  1. Centre for Professional Training – Repentigny, Québec
  2. Earl’s on King Street – Toronto, Ontario
  3. The Georgian Court Hotel – Vancouver, British Columbia
  4. Langley Street Loo (Langley St. near Bastion Square) – Victoria, British Columbia
  5. This is London Club – Toronto, Ontario

Visit the Cintas’ Canada’s Best Restroom Contest homepage to vote for this year’s top restroom or to nominate an eco-friendly restroom for next year’s contest!

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image credit: Gustavsberg