CRFA launches ConSERVE Sustainability Education Program

As restaurants continue to seek out ways to improve their energy ratings and lower costs, resources available to members of the foodservice industry are also growing in demand. As recently as last week, the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association, also known as the CRFA, announced the launch of a program called ConSERVE Sustainability Education Program, designed to help restaurants reduce their environmental impact and improve their bottom line.

Expert advice on how to become a more sustainable business

An online tool designed to educate restaurant owners about sustainable best practices in the workplace and foodservice industry, ConSERVE will feature great tips and over 60 how-to videos presented by experts in their field. From cutting back on energy to reducing water and waste consumption, the CRFA hopes that the program will help members of the foodservice industry lessen costs and create a more efficient workplace.

Sustainable suggestions for every business

In addition to useful tips and tricks available to restaurant operators aiming to lower energy costs, ConSERVE will include a personalized program allowing participants to receive a tailored tutorial targeting the individual needs of their business. Whether a business is well versed in sustainable best practices or starting from zero, the site will supposedly offer something, for everyone.

Are you a member of the food service industry interested in learning more about the ConSERVE program? Find out more via the ConSERVE website! Don’t forget, CRFA members who sign up in March can do so for FREE!

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image credit: Beeeeezzz