Canada’s first land-based commercial Atlantic salmon farm is the first in North America and is making headlines this week as this sustainable alternative hits the retail market.

The KUTERRA farm opted for Earth Day to launch their product in the retail market — bringing sustainable salmon as an option for those interested in an alternative from the conventionally farmed salmon.

Why is land raised Atlantic salmon more sustainable?

Salmon farming has been a hot topic for years now as the demand for this tasty fish has increased. While the protein-filled pink-meat salmon (so healthy with its omega-3 fatty acids) has become a popular choice for folks, environmentalists have, in the past, been discouraging consumers from going for the farmed salmon.

“Farmed salmon are sometimes able to escape from the oceanside pens they are raised in, potentially spreading disease or undesirable genes to wild populations already under stress from overfishing, pollution and habitat loss,” reported the National Geographic, “Fish feed has also been show to have been contaminated with PCBs and other toxins that can make their way into food supply.”

But things are changing and, in fact, Canada’s first land raised Atlantic salmon may actually be both a healthy and sustainable choice. The industry has changed.  From Salmon Aquaculture Dialogues and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council to the Global Salmon Initiative — the salmon industry has progressed. The standards were raised and sustainability practices have been put in place. And without the push coming from consumer demand for sustainable salmon, the farming industry actually got greener for the right environmental reasons.

KUTERRA farm takes their sustainability seriously and claims to offer the salmon of choice for your health and for the environment.

“Atlantic salmon is one of the main types of salmon that grow well on a farm, and it’s the choice for commercial growers,” KUTERRA says on their official website, “We want to lead the way in meeting this demand for Atlantic salmon with farming practices that don’t harm the environment. We want to show that Land-Raised Atlantic salmon aquaculture is the way to do this and to improve salmon quality at the same time.”

More about KUTERRA farm

Raising their fish on Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, KUTTERA LP is owned by the ‘Namgis First Nation. When founded, it was their mission to offer sustainable salmon as an alternative to the conventional farming.

“The effects of conventional farming on the marine environment is very real to us,” ‘Namgis Chief Bill Cranmer said in the press release, “This enterprise shows the way forward for the industry. It also fits with our economic plans and with our history as fishing and trading people.”

The KUTERRA farm for their land-raised salmon is energy-efficient and is even supported for their initiatives by BC Hydro’s Power Smart program.

Albion Fisheries, Ltd is handling their marketing for KUTERRA farm’s sustainable salmon.

Their first harvest is hitting the retail market right now and is available through Safeway stores across British Columbia and Alberta, according to the press release.


Image credit: gcampbellphoto