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Over the past year, BizEnergy has been hard at work providing members of the foodservice community with relevant updates, stories and tips designed to promote sustainable efforts within the industry. Today, we are proud to announce that BizEnergy is expanding into three new sectors including Retail, Small Industrial, and Accommodation. Starting this week, we’ll be covering everything from fan favourites like food trucks to hot new topics like energy efficient fashion trends and Oxy Fuel Systems. Don’t know (or care) what an Oxy Fuel System is? No problem; our new homepage allows you to filter articles by sector or search by keyword and read articles that are of interest to you. The opportunities are endless, the world is your oyster, the – well, you get the idea.

Sustainable practices in demand

Within each industry, we are seeing movements toward business models that combine sustainable practices with cost-effective solutions. Consumers of high-end fashion want style to mould with ethically sourced fabric created by manufacturers who monitor the environmental impact of industrial warehouses and factories. Consequently, retailers like Salts market themselves as local Eco-Fashion Boutiques, offering clothing made from eco-friendly fibres like hemp, organic cotton, soy and organic wool.

Eco-conscious travelers want to stay in hotels that don’t add to the size of their carbon footprint, forcing the hospitality industry to come up with initiatives like the Green Key Eco-Rating Program, established by The Hotel Association of Canada to help hotels effectively reduce overall environmental impact and operating costs.

When it comes to the industrial sector, pressure from the public is constantly pushing members to step up as leaders in sustainable practices. From investing in energy efficient equipment to ensuring the efficient transportation of products, companies are cutting down on energy use and making real efforts to go as green as possible. Natural Resources Canada even funds programs like the Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation, a networking resource that recognizes the desire of members within the sector to make a change.

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