Independent, non-partisan nonprofit Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) released A Tale of Two Futures: Sustainable Buildings or Unsustainable Climate Change that focuses on the impact buildings have on energy consumption and climate change.

Filled with great facts collected by RMI, they are boldly attempting to encourage acts to improve building energy efficiency, as buildings are responsible for 72 per cent of electricity use (42 per cent of the US’s energy). Through efforts to reduce carbon emissions, focus on energy savings and move away from relying on so much fossil fuels.

“Buildings are the ultimate end users for 68 percent and 55 percent of our country’s coal and natural gas, respectively, and generated 47 percent of all US carbon dioxide emissions in 2009,” says RMI in a blog post.

Climate change is a horrifying reality and battling it is a serious challenge businesses and buildings need to get on.


What’s the Rocky Mountain Institute all about?

With a focus on energy south of our border in the United States, RMI is about business solutions and an ultimate goal of getting the country off oil, coal and nuclear energy — and instead, onto efficiency and renewables, according to their website.

They have a mission: to drive the efficient and restorative use of resources.

RMI refer to themselves as a “think-and-do” tank.

Partnered up with diverse partners, these folks analyze the impacts and potential impacts of buildings, electricity, transportation and industry — with evidence by the US specific analysis of Reinventing Fire.

For businesses, we have incentives to get energy-efficient.


Image credit: YouTube