Oh, it’s happening. The switch is forecasted and LED (Light-Emitting Diode) bulbs will be the energy-efficient lights on high demand as the coming years move to focus on energy efficiency and phase-out traditional incandescent lights in the United States and Europe, reports Digital Journal.

In a press release, we found out the upcoming report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. will be examining key drivers and trends in LED bulb markets — focusing on legislation of energy performance standards. As it addresses the escalating energy costs, it’ll encourage a hard look at reducing electricity consumption in industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Let there be energy-efficient light!

While LED technology isn’t a new thing, this report will hopefully help encourage individuals and businesses to make the switch to energy efficiency before it becomes mandatory. After all, these clever bulbs can add up to 85 per cent energy savings compared to those dated incandescent bulbs.

“Escalating energy costs are forcing governments, especially in developing countries, to look for ways to decouple energy demands from economic growth,” says the press release, “With lighting accounting for 1/5th of the electricity consumption worldwide, governments are increasingly emphasizing energy efficiency of lighting solutions.”

By adopting LED bulbs in manufacturing plants, warehouses and other situations of the like, the industrial sector is planning on meeting energy goals in this fashion. For indoor farms, the demand for energy-efficient LED is also rapidly growing. As mentioned last month, this technology has been successfully adopted by the marijuana industry (that makes up for 1 per cent of the US’s electricity consumption).

Need more reasons to take the LED?

EcoDirect has produced a fantastic Top 10 reasons you need to switch to LED light bulbs, if you are so inclined for more convincing.

Consider doing an Energy Audit to check out the current state of energy efficiency in your business.  For folks interested, we offer thousands of dollars in rebates and incentives for those making an energy-efficient effort!



Image credit: Martin Industry