Remember our post a couple of weeks ago on environmentally friendly Christmas decorations?

In it, we recommended things like using natural materials (like pine boughs and berries), secondhand decorations and LED lights to reduce your impact on the environment when you’re decorating for the season. All good suggestions, right?

Sustainable artist Debbie Apple-Presser's recycled creations (Image credit: Fire Food and Drink)

Well, last week we saw this post from the Cleveland Jewish News, highlighting a restaurant that’s taking sustainable holiday decorating to the next level.

According to the article, Fire Food and Drink in Cleveland hired local artist Debbie Apple-Presser to create a holiday display—with a twist. Apple-Presser, a “sustainable artist,” used only materials that would otherwise have been thrown out.

The result? A large snowman and gingerbread lady, made entirely of, among other things, plastic bags, CDs, bottle caps, milk cartons, garden hoses and used glasses.

According to Apple-Presser, nothing was bought to create the displays. Instead, everything came from family, friends, and diligent scrounging.

Pretty amazing, eh?

Image credit: Art and Entertain Me