BizEnergy: One year down the (energy-efficient) road

In the fall of last year, BizEnergy graduated from a tailored website with a foodservice-only focus to an energy resource relevant across the sectors of industrial, retail and accommodation. We started pumping new content and introduced new ways of interacting via social media tools like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. We even introduced a working group for business operators on Linkedin called “Energy-Efficiency in the Workplace” (check it out if you haven’t already).

In short, we put all our energy into creating a BizEnergy that would be a relevant tool for restaurant owners, small retailers, hoteliers and industrial businesses; and while many things changed, all of the good stuff stayed the same. The site continues to provide sound advice to businesses on how to reduce energy consumption and costs while attracting a new generation of consumers demanding green accommodation, energy-efficient supply chains, and products that meet a slew of domestic and international efficiency standards.

Passing the torch and moving on as Editor of BizEnergy

As Editor of BizEnergy, I found myself growing in stride with the site. I learned about HVAC systems, green manufacturing, and energy-efficient insulation. Never did I think I would be able to freely discuss the benefits of in-floor radiant heating or premium efficient motors: oh, how things have changed. These days, I can smalltalk my way around recycled toilet paper and know everything there is to know about the benefits of LED lighting. Trust me, invest – they’re worth it.

As the summer months slowly wrap up however, so does my time as the Editor of BizEnergy – at least for the next twelve months as I keep busy with a little energy consumer of my own. Over the past year I’ve had the chance to highlight some pretty amazing developments in energy-efficient technology and conduct interviews with a number of forward thinking professionals, eager to lead their industry in a greener direction. From touring the rooftop gardens and beehives at one of Toronto’s most exclusive hotels to chatting with Jim Hanna, Director of Environmental Affairs at Starbucks, success stories are emerging across every industry; a promising sign of efficient happenings in years to come.

I want to thank those people who took the time to share with me their knowledge of all things energy, as well as the readers and partners who continued to support BizEnergy as we grew in our ability to better serve every sector.  I leave knowing that the next few years will prove an integral time in the way the world understands and makes use of alternative energies, and as I head off to spend time with my own little ball of energy, I look forward to seeing what the future – both that of the planet and BizEnergy– has in store.

 image credit: thefriendlygiraffe