On March 26th, ENERGY STAR announced the winners of this year’s ENERGY STAR Awards! The awards are handed out in partnership with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to organizations from various industries that have implemented successful strategic energy management plans and demonstrated environmental leadership.

Who is eligible to receive an ENERGY STAR award?

All ENERGY STAR partners are eligible to receive an ENERGY STAR Award and be recognized as ENERGY STAR leaders. Winners are based on results from the EPA’s national energy performance rating system. All must demonstrate portfolio-wide energy efficiency improvements of 10%, 20%, 30% or more on organization-wide baseline as well as an average rating of 75 or higher portfolio wide.

The winners are…

According to Energy Manager Today, the EPA and ENERGY STAR recognized a total of 118 awardees for their commitment to energy saving and environmental protection. Award winners were selected from nearly 20,000 ENERGY STAR partners including manufacturers, retailers, public schools, hospitals, real estate companies and home builders. The awards are divided into three categories including:

ENERGY STAR Partners of the Year – Sustained Excellence: This award is handed out to organizations that exhibit best practices and exceptional leadership year after year.

ENERGY STAR Partners of the Year: Winners of this award includes organizations and businesses that promote ENERGY STAR products and practices, while providing efficient products and services and demonstrating strategic, comprehensive energy management.

ENERGY STAR Award for Excellence: Recipients of this award are being recognized for superior efforts in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program and specific activities to promote energy-efficient products, homes or buildings.

Some well-known members of the list include companies profiled by BizEnergy earlier this year like 3M, while others, like PepsiCo, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc. and Boeing, Inc. may provide us with some intriguing success stories in months to come stay tuned!

For a full list of award-winners, visit the ENERGY STAR website.

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