Question: My restaurant is considering a waste heat recovery system for our kitchen — what do I need to know? Will this benefit my business?

Answer: A waste heat recovery system will certainly improve the energy efficiency of your business. In fact, there’s recently been a report on the need for energy efficiency driving the heat waste recovery system market by Digital Journal!

Energy efficiency is essentially a way of saying consuming only the amount of energy actually necessary to fuel the task. Waste heat recovery systems are energy-efficient as they take waste heat and reuse it for a purpose — it helps to avoid wasted energy.

In a press release, a report “Waste Heat Recovery Market by Application”, global trends and forecasts suggest the waste heat recovery systems market will grow to $53,120 million by 2018.

Sounds like it’s a global trend to get more energy-efficient.

Waste heat recovery systems for restaurants

There are different waste heat recovery systems for different business sectors with many methods to recover wasted heat. With all kinds of technologies commercially available for businesses who are into improving their efficiency (and helping sustainability initiatives) — what’s stopping this from picking up?

It can be economically challenging for businesses to install it. But don’t worry; the focus of the report was on improving energy efficiency in industrial sectors.

“Waste heat recovery involves capturing and reusing the waste heat from the industrial processes,” says the press release.

Companies such as Siemens, General Electric and ABB Ltd. are involved in the efforts to improve their existing product lines to share in the market by providing systems of the energy efficiency variety.

Of course, earlier this year we talked about Maxing out on the benefits of a Heat Recovery Filter System. This was about the ThermoGreen heat recovery filter system that works really well in restaurants.

If your business can afford the installation, this system is an excellent way to get energy-efficient and make your restaurant that much more environmentally friendly!


For businesses, we have incentives to get energy-efficient!


Image credit: Oliver Pauk