Question: I keep hearing about “air doors.” What are they?

Answer: Air doors or air curtains (the terms are used interchangeably) create a barrier between two separate areas, usually an exterior and interior space, helping to maintain interior air temperature even when a door is opened and closed frequently. Because they’re generally between 60%-80% effective at preventing “infiltration,” or air from one area flowing into another area, air doors can save energy costs by reducing the load on heating and cooling systems. They’re also effective at keeping insects and smoke from patio spaces out of interior areas.

The most common configuration for air doors is to have a blower fan facing downward, blowing a current of air across the entranceway. Depending on the season, this air may or may not be heated. Air doors are particularly handy for high-traffic doorways, like customer entrances or patio doors, which makes them perfect for restaurants, but can also be used for other areas like cold storage or shipping/receiving entrances.

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Image credit: Wikipedia