Question: Do you have any suggestions for green businesses I could purchase from this holiday season to encourage and support my company’s green initiatives for my employers?

Answer: Heck yes, I do! It’s great that you’re following through with sustainability initiatives in this way — sounds like your company is doing a great job with training.


Let’s be honest, everyone looks better in the right shade of green. Here is a quick easy list of green retailers who are practicing sustainability and energy efficiency to check out!

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

This business takes pride in being green as it gives you the opportunity to give the gift of clean. As a former supplier for The Body Shop, their products are as awesome as their company’s value system. This is why we covered them as a Success Story earlier this year — their energy efficiency and sustainability efforts were something to spotlight!

Mountain Equipment Co-op

Understanding their impact on the environment, retailer Mountain Equipment Co-op has a green building, handles their waste responsibly and maxes out their energy efficiency. With great gender-neutral items, tools to battle the winter, this business offers awesome options for holiday gifts.

Home Depot

Making the list for 10 Green Business Leaders from Canada’s Greenest Employers for 2013, this hardware store offers gift ideas of the practical variety. They made the list for having installed rooftop solar systems in 63 of their Ontario stores — which is awesome.  Shopping in a place that produces renewable energy will make you feel great.


This website gives you access to individual vendors and offers the opportunity to give unique, one-of-a-kind gifts. Many of these folks have blogs so you can actually purchase items directly from someone who has personal green values.

lululemon athletica

With great sustainability initiatives they follow through on, lululemon provides their customers with quality clothing and athletic accessories. Opting for daylighting and energy-efficient artificial lighting, the retail experience in the store will be green and marvelous. Who doesn’t love receiving a gift from here?

Hope this list helps. Happy holidays, from BizEnergy!


Image credit: peet-astn