Question: What happens to food trucks in the winter?

Answer: With days being shorter, weather being colder and food trucks on wheels — individual mobile restaurants have their own agenda when tackling the winter months. We’ll tell you why and what the plans are for the future of food trucks come spring!


Everyone loves food trucks and there’s good news for street food lovers everywhere as food trucks in Toronto have a licensing committee looking to open vending opportunities across the city, according to

Let’s start with the fate of the food truck for the winter

While new food truck owner, Tamara Chaikin of Localista is putting her truck into hibernation for the cold winter months, Reuben Salonga of Hamilton’s Luchador Gourmet Streatery will be keeping his business open for his first winter.

“One truck is good and sometimes it can be great,” Salonga told, “But if you have 3 or 4 trucks you have an event. That’s how we think we’re going to be able to make it — by sticking with our friends.”

Sadly, Gourmet Bitches fans will be disappointed to find out that after freezing until the end of last December, food truck owner Shontelle Pinch has opted out of taking on the streets this year. Hogtown Smoke will be out part-time on the streets until the New Year while Gourmet Gringos plans on staying on the road with appearances outside Roy Thomson Hall, Peter and King Street.

Canada’s famous winters can be an obstacle for food trucks as they run into water pump freezing issues. Some food truck owners are opting for indoor storages to help the situation while others are taking a hiatus until spring.

But there’s good news for the future of food trucks in Toronto

Since the licensing and standards committee met back on October 29, food truck owners have had the $300 licensing fee lifted for every assistant they have on their vehicles, reports

New vending opportunities will roll up come spring as the council is allowing the variety of foods available to grow around the city.

Some city councilors like Josh Colle are really pushing for the operation of food trucks on Toronto streets. Great news, eh?

After all, they’re a green food service and they’re delicious!

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