Question: How do I reduce the amount of steam at my boiler plant without losing money at the same time?

Answer: Good question! Thankfully, there are programs out there designed to help out commercial and industrial businesses like yours save on steam and cut down on energy costs! According to the Office of Energy-Efficiency at Natural Resources Canada, one of these programs is the Steam Saver Program, a program offered to owners, managers, and operators of boiler plants by Enbridge Gas Distribution that includes financial incentives, educational seminars and technical support.

According to the Enbridge Steam Saver Program website, the following incentives will be offered as part of the steam saver program to help your business save on energy costs:

Steam Plan Performance Assessment

To help determine where you can save the most energy, your business will work together with an energy solutions consultant to perform an analysis of boilers and steam plants, combustion testing, gather a summary of your plant’s energy history, perform analysis of water properties, and compile a list of potential energy-saving projects and estimates of costs and financial payback. Steam trap and insulation assessments are also available.

Heat Recovery

This step looks at how your business can save on operating costs by re-evaluating boiler plants, and taking a look at feedwater economizers, condensing economizers, blow down heat recovery, condensate return, flash steam recovery

Combustion improvements

In order to assess combustion improvements, an energy consultant will discuss linkageless controls and conducting burner tune ups with you and your staff.

Energy Management

In order to ensure your business is saving as much as possible in energy costs, energy consultants will take a close look at the metering and controls for improved management of your boiler plant’s performance with a focus on boiler sequencing and energy management.

Save on steam, and more

Interested small-industrial and commercial business owners can apply directly via the Enbridge Steam Saver Program enquiry form available here! Interested in optimizing all-round energy costs? Don’t forget to check out more rebates and incentives available to small-industrial and commercial business owners across Canada.

credit image: Spirax Sarco UK