Question: Would installing a smart meter actually result in energy savings?

Answer: A smart meter is a useful tool to help identify energy saving opportunities. It will always be up to you and your employees to take the action that will actually result in energy savings.


With the province of Ontario all about the smart meter and retailers like Superdry installing smart meters in all of their UK stores, this clever tool is certainly trending in the energy efficiency world.

Smart meters 101

By tracking how much and when your building uses electricity, smart meters help by providing key information to manage your energy usage and costs.

“A majority of residences and small businesses are now equipped with smart meters, making a significant step toward creating a conservation culture in the province,” says Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).

Smart meters are digital; they will tell you how much electricity you’re using per hour and sometimes shares this information with your energy distributer.  They allow you to have time stamped data and helps people within the building come up with a more energy-efficient electricity-consuming schedule. For example, if your business requires laundry for any of its services, you could shift when you use it to off-peak hours and save on energy costs.

How they can benefit your business

Superdry is making headlines for introducing smart metering to 91 of its UK stores as the company makes a solid effort to reduce their energy consumption. Each store trains managers to use the smart meter system, which is being supplied by UK data management company IMServ. Managers are given the authority to make decisions based on their understanding of energy usage reducing the amount of energy waste.

“Superdry has also been testing a number of other energy saving initiatives, and recently installed low-energy lighting in its Cabot Circus store in Bistol,” reports E2B Pulse, “When working in conjunction with IMServ’s metering system, the store was able to measure and verify energy savings of 46 per cent.

Understanding how and when you’re using energy is the first step to strategizing a super efficient energy plan for your business. By avoiding energy waste, your business will benefit in energy savings.

This is for the conspiracy theorists

There are some folks who are convinced that smart meters are dangerous and have formulated these conspiracy theories. The Ontario Smart Meter Awareness crew is a pretty intense one with some pretty outrageous theories.

They can’t argue the smart meter’s energy efficiency though!

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