Question: Unlike regular businesses that operate 9-5, hotels run around the clock. Do you have any suggestions that could help with energy savings?

Answer: Absolutely! While your business operates 24/7 there are certainly ways to reduce energy consumption that will lead to savings.


Hotels have the challenge of being energy-efficient without sacrificing the comfort levels of their guests — but there are ways to achieve both — while still keeping everyone happy.

While guests expect an excellent hotel experience, heating and cooling is one of the most energy draining elements of meeting those expectations — but it can be done!

In today’s Ask an Expert, we’re going to look at different methods that will reduce energy consumption for businesses that run 24 hours.

Consider an energy management system

There seems to be an increasing market for energy management systems as a solution for many types of commercial buildings — especially those in the accommodations industry.

From EcoSmart Energy Management System to Energex’s hospitality solutions, hotels can provide maximum comfort without wasting energy.  Often, integrating these energy solutions with an existing HVAC system is fairly simple. This sweet feature helps to control heating and cooling while maintaining a good level of energy efficiency.

Energex even offers a free estimate.

Whether you’re running a small hotel or a whole chain — energy management systems will, without a doubt, help monitor and control your energy consumption that will lead to savings on your utility bills.

There are also other measures you can take to increase efficiency

When trying to cut back on energy, the first step should be targeting areas and appliances that consume the most. For example, if your hotel hasn’t switched over to LED lights yet, you’re essentially burning money away.

The traditional incandescent light uses 90% of its energy producing heat — which is completely irrelevant to what you’re using the bulb for. In terms of lighting, LED technology is watts up — making the switch will lead your business to savings.

When it comes to appliances and equipment — whether it be for your laundry, the bathroom or the kitchen — investments should be made so they’re upgraded to an Energy Star approved level. This will result in long-term savings. Outdated equipment drains energy whereas modern technology can help equipment perform its tasks in the most energy-efficient manner.

Solid insulation, a well trained staff onboard to reach sustainability initiatives and genuine efforts are also things that can lead you down an energy-efficient road.

These hotels have managed to successfully combine energy efficiency and maximum comfort

Green hotels are not only trendy — they’re beneficial to the environment — in extension, better for everyone. We like to recognize energy-efficient efforts and enjoy covering hotels that wear green well.

The Gladstone Hotel struggled with flooding issues and an old building (this is the oldest operating hotel in Toronto) — with a little help from the city, they installed energy-efficient green rooftops.

The M Resort in Las Vegas is now a green role model on the famous Vegas strip.

W Hotel Singapore was the first to receive the Green Mark Platinum award for their energy and water efficiency design.

Without a doubt, 24-hour businesses can still achieve energy efficiency.

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