Question: After reading about BC’s Power Smart Partner Program in the news, I wondered if there was a similar program offered for businesses in Ontario. Do you have any information on this?

Answer: Absolutely! While BC Hydro offers the Power Smart Partner Program, Ontario has a variety of similar programs. From SaveONenergy to Enbridge’s High-Efficiency Boiler Program — there are tons of great energy programs available for your business.


Back up, what is BC’s Power Smart Partner Program

For west coast folks over in British Columbia, BC Hydro’s Power Smart Partners Program offers the opportunity to gain access to a wide range of energy management programs, tools and incentives, according to their website. They have joined forces with BC’s largest commercial, government and institutional customers.

The Power Smart Alliance has knowledge and access to a network of contractors, consultants and suppliers that are all trained in Power Smart programs. Basically, they have great resources that can help businesses reach conservation goals.

Through the Power Smart Partner Program, businesses have the opportunity to understand energy better — which means they can then manage better and achieve an optimal state of energy efficiency in their companies. For those more interested in the bottom line: this means energy savings.

From lights to air-conditioning (or heating), this program allows buildings to assess and improve their utility use and get more energy efficient.

So what does Ontario have to offer?

Ontario has a great variety of similar programs, resources and tools available for businesses. For a list of great links from the Ontario Ministry of Energy, click here to find what suits the needs of your business best.

In fact, even here at BizEnergy we offer an awesome Energy Audit and incentives sponsored by Enbridge for those in the accommodations, retail and restaurant business sectors. In addition to this interactive tool, Enbridge also offers programs that can hook your company up on energy savings.

Otherwise, there is also SaveONenergy — a great resource that offers programs by sectors. These energy efficient programs can help benefit small businesses to large industrial complexes. With a mandate to support and promote energy conservation programs, SaveONenergy offers services for both businesses and homes.

And what about the rest of Canada?

Canada, as a whole, is pretty good with providing resources, per province, for those interested in getting more energy efficient.  If your business creates environmental and sustainability initiatives and follows through, Canada will usually try to reward you in some way.

Check these out:

Energy Efficiency Rebates in Alberta: Alberta’s energy efficiency rebate program
Power Smart Programs and Rebates in Manitoba: For your business
For Saskatchewan: There are programs to help you go green

Alternatively, here is almost a master list of resources provided by Natural Resources Canada.

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