Question: So many news sites are covering Walmart for their sustainability lately. What’s this all about? 

Answer: Most recently, corporate giant Walmart has been making the news for their energy efficiency efforts — and are even having them praised by president Obama.


In a Walmart store designed with solar panels, LED lighting and updated refrigerator systems, President Barak Obama spoke of plans for energy reform in the United States.

In Silicon Valley last Friday, Obama spoke about his plan to covert more businesses, homes and government buildings to solar power, according to Mercury News.

While some folks were protesting about Obama’s choice and support of Walmart for this speech, he had selected the location in efforts to highlight private-sector energy efficiency.

Walmart has been promoting their sustainability initiatives

From their partnership with GE Lighting to switch their stores over to energy-efficient LED lighting  (resulting in 40 per cent in energy savings) to their efforts that will encourage more recycling — Walmart’s been going hard for a green image.

In fact, this week Walmart is making headlines for bringing together members of their supply chain and are aiming to develop a $100 million Closed Loop Fund in hopes of encouraging more recycling, according to Resource Efficient News.

Walmart’s sustainability initiatives have been talked about a lot in the media lately — and while critics are about calling the corporate giant out for low-wage jobs and other social issues, there’s no denying their energy-efficient efforts. Walmart is a private company that’s showing their concern for their energy consumption and taking their responsibility seriously.

“This showed that the company is making good progress on its aim of having zero waste to landfill operation by 2025,” reports Resource Efficient News, “In the UK and Japan more than 90 per cent of materials are diverted, in the US it is 81 per cent while Canada and Mexico are both diverting more than 70 per cent.”

More important than the fact Walmart has been loud about their sustainability initiatives, it seems they’re actually following through with them. With high energy efficiency standards, Obama selected a place familiar and well known to America to speak about his energy initiative for the country.


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Image credit: Walmart Corporate