Question: On the road to making our restaurant a green one — we’ve switched to LED lighting, use eco-friendly cleaning products and are working on improving our energy and water efficiency. What else can we do to become a certified green restaurant?

Answer: The Green Restaurant Association just endorsed the ThermoGreen Filter system — this product can earn your business 9 GreenPoints and further your transition to becoming a Certified Green Restaurant.


By greening your operations and product lines, maximizing energy efficiency and using green suppliers, you’ll be turning your restaurant into a sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

The Green Restaurant Association certifies businesses in the US and Canada. A non-profit organization, it’s been around for 23 years and has been encouraging thousands of restaurants to get energy-efficient and take on environmental responsibility.

What is the ThermoGreen Heat Recovery Filter System?

This innovative filter system basically captures heat generated by a kitchen’s cooking line and re-uses that energy to provide heating for the water in your restaurant.

“Normally, the extra heat that comes off the stove goes into the hood and gets wasted. The ThermoGreen Filter System takes that heat and transfers it, thus creating a free source of energy to heat a restaurant’s water,” reports Digital Journal.

When it comes to getting your restaurant green, this clever system not only provides a useful tool when it comes to energy efficiency, it also captures significantly more grease than the average filter.

“The ThermoGreen Heat Recovery Filter System generates water of up to 125F at a rate of 2.5-3.9 gallons per minute,” ThermoGreen Filters says on their official website, “90 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee on purchased systems. No gimmicks, no tricks, just savings.”

They also offer support around the clock.

While Certified Green restaurants need 100 GreenPoints to earn the title, ThermoGreen products can help fulfill up to 90 per cent of the energy efficiency requirements when used in strategic business planning to get green.

Here’s a helpful video to offer even more clarity on this product

Provided by ThermoGreen Filters, here’s a short video featuring the inventor, Chef Bob.


For restaurants trying to figure out how much energy they’re consuming with their business, take our interactive free Energy Audit.



Image: anzyAprico