Question: I know BizEnergy is mostly about energy efficiency but I was hoping you had some advice for water efficiency in the business sectors. We run a Bed and Breakfast and were hoping to cut down on water waste this year. 

Answer: Water efficiency seems to be a hot topic this year and is certainly something we value! We’d be glad to provide some sweet tips to maximize water efficiency for businesses!


Let’s skip the lecture about how fresh water is a limited resource, how everyone in North America takes it for granted being so wasteful with it and how it could (should) be used way more efficiently — because you know that.

Today’s episode of Ask an Expert will help your business with creative, thoughtful ways to improve your water efficiency situation — which will inevitably result in savings.

There are water systems available for businesses

Earlier this month, we talked to the director of engineering from the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver and he told us about how they recently started using Kiko Water Systems.  Though they only just started this project less than two months ago, the annual savings predicted is $60,000.

Kiko Water offers a variety of applications that they use their clever water technology for. Their whole business centers around the fact that they purify the water so completely that it becomes the most efficient as it also promotes a healthier, greener environment.

“The technology reside in two simple things — the energized ceramics within each cartridge, and water; a necessity, but a commodity increasingly taken for granted,” writes Kiko Water Systems.

Through advanced physics, Kiko Water focuses on enhancing water to an optimal state to maximize its efficiency for all its purposes.

“By implementing our products and systems of water solutions, Kiko Water Systems saves costs and/or increases profits for our clients. We improve water, build trust and strive for a greener planet,” they say on their official website.

It seems to be working for the Four Seasons Vancouver!

There are also things you can do without investing in a serious water system

Like installing sensors on public taps that will only turn on when being used. Many businesses have opted for this method of water efficiency.

There’s also the greywater recycling option for toilet systems that could result in up to 40 per cent savings on your water bill. Businesses are always surprised to see how much water and costs are being flushed away!

For irrigation and landscaping purposes, consider installing a rainwater collection system to provide hydration for your exteriors. Rainwater is free and because it hasn’t had chlorine added to it yet and falls straight from the sky — it’s in fact healthier for your plants.

For businesses curious about their energy consumption, check out our interactive Energy Audit.


Image credit: Kenny Teo