Question: I’m opening a number of stores and would like to get all of the buildings certified in order to optimize energy savings. Is there a way that my business can certify multiple buildings at once?

Answer: Great question! They say timing is everything – well, after finding out that Target will be one of the first companies in Canada to take part in the LEED Volume Program, we thought we’d do a little digging around to find out what exactly the program entails. Here’s the answer to your question and all you need to know about the LEED Volume Program.

What is the LEED Volume Program?

The LEED Volume Program is an extension of the LEED certification for business operators wanting to certify a number of buildings at once. According to the USGBC website, the program is intended to allow for uniformity in building design, construction and management to achieve economies of scale and reduce costs for program participants. The U.S. Green Building Council who is responsible for creation the program also hopes that by allowing participants to certify in volume, they will be more willing to incorporate LEED practices into organization-wide practices.

What are the benefits to your business?

Those familiar with LEED certification know that even “green” certification comes with a price – and sometimes a big one. One of the major benefits of the LEED Volume Program is that it requires lower costs than those associated with the traditional certification process and results in savings for your business by reducing consumption, and therefore operating costs as well.

In general, the benefits of the LEED Volume Program are the same as the traditional LEED certification program, encouraging businesses to adopt the most energy-efficient and cost-effective approach to building. Areas of focus include: sustainable site development, water efficiency, energy efficiency, material selection and indoor environmental quality.

Hotel operators or retail owners interested in reading testimonies from businesses that participated in the LEED Volume Program can do so buy clicking on one of the following links: Best Buy and Starwood Hotel and Resorts.

How do I apply for the LEED Volume Program?

Those businesses who are interested in pursuing the LEED Volume Program need to fill out an online application and provide the required supporting documentation. Approved program participants will then receive access to account management services, a portfolio account in LEED online, a participant orientation program and recognition on the participants page of the LEED Volume Program website.

The next step is the precertification process, wherein the registered prototype is reviewed by the GBCI to ensure that plans for implementing LEED are accurate, consistent and safeguarded by quality assurance measures. Once a prototype has achieved precertification, the applicant can start work on all LEED volume projects.

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