Question: My company is undergoing a number of energy reduction and cost-saving initiatives. One of our goals is to cut down on water consumption, but also water costs. Are there any incentives or rebate programs available for industrial and commercial businesses in Toronto using large amounts of water for processing purposes?

Answer: There are! In January 2008, the city implemented an industrial water rate to support the growth of businesses that use water for processing purposes and encourage conservation. The industrial water rate is 30% less than the general water rate for the 2013 year.

Who is eligible for the industrial water rate?

According to the City of Toronto website, in order to be eligible for the water rate reduction, companies must consume more than 6,000 cubic metres of water on a yearly basis, fall within the industrial property tax class, and be in full compliance with the Toronto’s Sewers Bylaw. Companies must then submit a full water conservation plan to the satisfaction of the General Manager, Toronto Water.

Is your company classified as “mixed” industrial and commercial?

According to the Toronto site, if only a portion of your property is classified as industrial, a separate meter must be installed to isolate the industrial flow. If you already have multiple city meters on-site, the industrial flow may already be isolated. If this is the case, you need to advise Toronto Water of all meter numbers and identify those which isolate industrial flow. The city will arrange a site visit to confirm at which point you will be eligible (if your company meets all other criteria) for the industrial water rate.

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency, the City of Toronto offers a number of rebate programs for businesses looking to save on water use and energy costs. Check out the website for details on the Capacity Buyback Program and Sewer Surcharge Rebate Program.

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 image credit: Reilly Butler