Question: How can we brand our hotel as an environmental leader in the accommodations scene?

Answer: Before you start branding and marketing your hotel as a leader in the green scene, you’ll have to first make sure your sustainability initiatives are strong and more importantly, followed through on. Getting energy-efficient and green with your business will be the foundation of your leadership and promotions will come.


While eco-travel is trending, now is the perfect time for getting businesses green in the accommodations sector — and working towards a sustainable future is always in.

A good start is to reach for those green stars and apply for things like the Green Key Eco-Rating program — as you can prove your hotel meets the standards set for operational areas and sustainable practices. Once you meet fixed standards, your business can strategize to surpass them!

Becoming an environmental leader in the accommodations sector

Sustainable practices in the accommodations sector are often measured through sustainability initiatives, operational practices and energy efficiency. Different hotels do different things but it’s always good to take a look at their varying approaches towards a more sustainable future.

Accommodations such as Hotel Okura Amsterdam received the Green Globe certification for their commitment towards sustainability, according to Global Travel Industry News. These folks stand behind their three Ps philosophy: People, Profit and the Planet.

Owning their responsibility to the environment, they have set initiatives to accommodate their devotion to the planet. “Aggressive goals have been set to reduce energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste sent to landfills,” reports Global Travel Industry News.

With a responsible purchasing policy and maximizing use of sustainable materials, this hotel also tracks and manages their emissions as part of their great sustainability strategies.

Folks like Four Seasons Vancouver earned and maintain a 5 Green Key rating with their energy efficiency efforts as they make excellent use of technology to achieve a reduced environmental impact. Partnered up with BC Hydro, they’ve been involved in the Power Smart program — monitoring their energy consumption through i-Vu and Pulse Energy. Most recently, they started using Kiko Water Systems.

Boutique hotels such as the Gladstone Hotel have green policies set up and have made efforts like installing a green roof and wall while carefully managing their energy consumption and waste.

If you’ve already proved your place in the green accommodations scene, it’s time to promote your efforts

By sharing your business’ sustainability and energy efficiency efforts, you’re already promoting your green image. The internet is also a helpful resource when it comes to branding — and if your business is green, you’ve earned bragging rights on all social media platforms.

Also large travel sites like TripAdvisor are big on the online traveling community and now offer the GreenLeaders program in Canada — get your green hotel on there! For more information about this, check this out.

For businesses getting energy-efficient, we have incentives.


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