Question: Is it worth it for businesses in the fast food service sector to invest in sustainable products?

Answer: Always. In fact, fast food giant McDonald’s has started to lead the way with opting for items like sustainable fish and beef in their Canadian restaurants!


In addition to their energy-efficient LEED stores popping up around the map, McDonald’s Canada has recently issued out a press release saying they’re now serving Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable fish in their Filet-O-Fish sandwich.

McDonald’s is the very first major Canadian fast food restaurant to set this kind of sustainable seafood imitative and to receive certification.

Let’s talk about what a sustainable Filet-O-Fish means

Look out for the new packaging with the blue MSC ecolabel on the Filet-O-Fish in a Canadian McDonald’s near you as 100 per cent of the fish served in this classic McDonald’s sandwich will be certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

As announced last week, McDonald’s Canada is only purchasing their supply of fish from MSC certified fisheries moving forward.

“McDonald’s Canada has purchased fish from MSC certified fisheries for nearly a decade and recently completed MSC’s third-party Chain of Custody process to further solidify the company’s commitment to maintaining the health of the world’s oceans by supporting sustainable fishing practices,” reports Digital Journal.

This commitment from a fast food giant is really setting an excellent standard for folks in the quick-service business sector when it comes to sustainable practices and taking responsibility for their part when taking from the planet’s oceans.

For those who have always wondered what exactly the ‘fish’ is in the Filet-O-Fish

In Canada, the delicious fried fish in their sandwich comes from MSC certified wild-caught Alaska Pollock. According to the press release, McDonald’s is one of the largest purchasers of this particular fish in the Canadian foodservice industry.

There’s more good news: McDonald’s Europe and USA have already been receiving the MSC certification.

Let’s not forget that McDonald’s Canada is also going for sustainable beef

The pilot program for sustainable beef will also be happening in Canada  as well — which got selected over Australia and Europe.

Though the sustainable beef pilot program is still in early stages, it caught and has held the attention of the global beef industry for months.

When it comes to getting sustainable in the fast food service with McDonald’s, well, we’re lovin’ it.


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