Question: Hotels are getting better with their energy consumption but is it realistic to aim for zero carbon emissions?

Answer: With a great green trend of getting your business carbon neutral, hotels are certainly not excluded from this. In fact, most recently Scandic Hamburg Emporio is making headlines for their efforts as they aim for zero carbon emissions.


While it’s definitely challenging for a hotel to achieve zero carbon emissions status, European hotels such as Scandic Hamburg Emporio are going for it and proving it’s a real possibility.

Of course, the Scandic Hamburg Emporio was eco-certified and scored awards for its sustainable building even before it opened, according to a press release about their flagship opening in Hamburg back in 2012.

Since, they’ve kept on top of their sustainability efforts while continuing to strive for an even better reduced environmental impact and just last month, received re-certification by Green Globe. Folke Sievers, General Manager of this sustainable hotel, spoke about their goal to achieve zero emissions status by 2025.

How will the Scandic Hamburg Emporio do this?

While the hotel tracks their energy consumption, the waste they generate and water used — they are able to both maximize their energy efficiency and monitor their carbon footprint.

In fact, because they are serious about being carbon neutral, they even have an online option that allows guests to track their own carbon footprint while staying at the hotel.

The hotel expects to cut its carbon emissions up to 1,000 tons per year, reports eTurboNews.

The first step for any hotel aiming for zero carbon emissions is to get as energy-efficient as possible. For example, by using natural lighting, water-efficient showerheads and toilets and ditching almost four million imported bottles a year — they’ve really strategized their sustainability efforts and their goal of going carbon neutral seems to be a realistic possibility.

The electricity used at this sustainable accommodation comes from renewable energy sources — Scandic Hamburg Emporio has partnered with Greenpeace Energy.

Though achieving a zero carbon emissions status will not happen overnight, BizEnergy has faith that they’ll achieve their goal by 2025.


Image credit: axelschmies photography