Question: Other than the usual ‘greening’ of hotels, do you know of any other methods accommodations like this can get more energy efficient?

Answer: Have you heard of EcoSmart Energy Management System? It’s actually a neat, modern and energy efficient method of controlling a guest room as it enhances it!

Once upon a time EcoSmart and EthoStream combined their strengths — EcoSmart, a business division from Telkonet, Inc. with its intelligent energy management technology solutions and EthoStream with its reputation of being one of the largest high-speed Internet providers in the world.

Together, they have been making headlines in the last month as more and more hotels are installing this system in efforts to make their hotels more energy efficient.

Wait, what exactly is this?

EcoSmart energy management system is a cloud-based EcoCentral Virtual Engineer Command Centre. EcoSmart, the company, offers a whole collection of energy management solutions — from EcoView, a setup that has high tech abilities like monitoring occupancy — picking up on motion, body heat and ambient light to EcoInsight and EcoWave thermostats that work with those occupancy sensors and can figure out how to balance energy usage.

In short, it’s a wireless communication network that can manage data throughout the hotel — it understands individual rooms and can accommodate needs as it optimizes energy efficiency.

“Over 15,000 hotels around the world use the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative to calculate and communicate the carbon footprint of hotel stays and meetings in a consistent and transparent way. The EcoSmart system is perfectly positioned to help hoteliers meet specific energy-savings goals, such as reducing their carbon footprint by as much as 30% – an objective where Telkonet is becoming a preferred provider,” said Telkonet CEO Jason Tienor in a press release. “In these two properties, the EcoSmart system is projected to reduce HVAC energy consumption by 32%, yielding a payback of less than 2.5 years. It has shown to be incredibly flexible and scalable, providing centralized control and effective energy management. As proof, Telkonet’s energy management technology is installed in over 300,000 hotel rooms worldwide.”

This is how it works

With this system, remote around-the-clock monitoring provides alerts and predictive reports. The EcoSmart energy management system can also manage the performance data and analyze it in real time so energy savings can be tracked.

The EcoSmart platform has been designed to provide guests luxury comfort as it monitors and reduces energy consumption. They call it the future of energy management (click here to download in-depth explanations in PDF form from their official site).

It’s really rather brilliant and after installation, is pretty user friendly.

Who uses these EcoSmart programs?

Ellicott Development installed the EcoSmart energy management in three out of six of their hotels this summer and most recently, an award winning, eco-friendly hotel on Boston Harbor has opted for the system to promote intelligent efficiency. Just to name a couple.

EcoSmart is generating quite the buzz lately and is certainly something worth checking out.

And of course, if you’re an energy efficient business with a smart green initiative, you should really check out our rebates and incentives.

Image credit: Brandy Alderson