Question: Like many businesses, our inn switched off all our lights and lit candles for Earth Hour. Do you have any success stories from the accommodations world for Earth Hour this year?

Answer: It’s great that your inn participated in such a green event! While we think energy efficiency and sustainability should be at the core of all businesses every day — there were some exciting energy efficiency efforts practiced for earth hour this year.

Celebrated around the globe, Earth Hour has been embraced by businesses of all varieties — even those who don’t identify as green usually.  Organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), having started as a simple lights-off event in Australia back in 2007, Earth Hour has now become an international energy-efficient effort showing the devotion from more than 7,000 cities and towns around the world.

This year, Earth Hour happened on March 29, from 8:30PM to 9:30PM. WWF features a page on their website listing all the 2014 participants who got involved in this growing movement.

Some hotels have gone above and beyond the suggested ‘lights off’ and made some real energy-efficient efforts to demonstrate their devotion to the planet. From offering energy saving tips to hosting special events — hotels around the world showed some great green enthusiasm for Earth Hour 2014!

Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver offered energy-efficient tips

Leading in energy efficiency, our friend Priyan Jayetileke, the director of engineering for Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, did a media presentation sharing useful energy-efficient tips for homes and businesses.

While he shared an informative presentation encouraging savings in energy consumption during the lead-up to this years Earth Hour, it’s important to note that he takes energy efficiency seriously and practicing this all year round. Passionate about finding new ways to reduce energy at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, Jayetileke understands how getting energy-efficient can reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and save the business money.

Just earlier this year, BizEnergy had the opportunity to talk to Jayetileke about his energy efficiency strategies for the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver in a success story.

Movenpick Hotel & Resort Al Bida’s Kuwait celebrated Earth Hour in a super sustainable way

This Green Globe member demonstrated their pledge for the planet by hosting special events in their hotel for the WWF event. From turning off most of their lighting and dimming lights in public areas to encouraging guests to keep their energy and water consumption to a minimum and even offering a special candle lit dinner featuring a sustainable menu — Movenpick Hotel & Resort Al Bida’s celebrated Earth Hour enthusiastically, according to Global Travel Industry News.

Having been one of the first businesses in Kuwait to participate and support the Earth Hour movement, this green hotel did a great job at showing their commitment towards a sustainable future.

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Image credit: AppleTreeGroup