Question: My company has developed a project designed to encourage businesses to be more sustainable through conservation but I don’t have the funds to launch it. I know we can make a big change in the way businesses approach conservation and energy reduction: is there somewhere I can look for help?

Answer: There sure is! Introducing the Conservation Fund, brought to you by the Ontario Power Authority! If your business meets all eligibility requirements, you will be qualified to receive up to $400,000 in funding. Read on!

What is the Conservation Fund?

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency at NRCan, the Conservation Fund was established in 2005 by the Ontario Power Authority in order to provide funding for “action-oriented, sector-specific electricity conservation pilot projects” within the commercial and industrial sectors. The goals of the fund are to facilitate the creation and execution of successful conservation programs; test new or unique aspects of conservation programs; and use the results from pilot projects to develop future conservation programs.

The Ontario Power Authority suggests that the fund was designed in part to help reach Ontario’s long-term energy target of achieving a 7,100-megawatt peak electricity demand reduction and 28 terawatt-hours in energy savings by the end of 2030, all of which necessitate innovative programs that encourage conservation as an integral part of business as usual.

Who is eligible to apply for the Conservation Fund?

According to both sites, funding is available to incorporated organizations operating in Ontario including but not limited to non-profits, local distribution companies, technology companies, industry associations, educational institutions, co-operatives and some organizations in the public sector.

Projects considered by the Conservation Fund must be consistent with the strategic objectives of the Ontario Power Authority, must help forward the culture of conservation, meet the aforementioned goals established by the fund, and demonstrate a benefit to one or more sectors of Ontario’s economy by delivering specific outcomes, and focusing on large-scale change.

Former projects submitted by members of the industrial sector to receive funding include Energy Connections, submitted by the Ontario Centres of Excellence, and the Application of ANSI/MES 2000/2008 to manufacturing plants in Ontario, submitted by Hatch Ltd.

Former commercial projects to receive funding include Ecos Qualified Technical Solutions Program, submitted by Ecos Consulting, and Market Characterization of Energy Conservation in the Ontario Retail Sector, submitted by the Retail Council of Canada.

How much is your business or organization eligible to receive?

Eligible projects can receive up to $400,000 from the Conservation Fund, subject to the potential and sophistication behind the approach. Additional funding is available for projects that can demonstrate verifiable electricity savings.

More information about the Conservation fund, including how to apply, assessment criteria, funding and expenses can be found online at the Power Authority of Ontario website.

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