Question: Do you have any information about promoting an eco-friendly, green bed and breakfast in Canada online?

Answer: The green tourism trend is starting to pick up and the good news is one of the largest travel websites, TripAdvisor, is expanding their green program to cover both Canada and Europe.

With planning features and booking tools, TripAdvisor claims to be the world’s largest travel site — providing an online travel community with reviews and information to perfect their trips since 2000.

After a debut run in the US, TripAdvisor is moving forward with its GreenLeaders program that will allow folks looking to green their stays to book in Canada, the UK, France and other European destinations, according to

This is great news for both the environmentally conscious traveler and businesses looking to promote their sustainability practices in the accommodations industry.

How do I get my business involved with the GreenLeaders program?

While TripAdvisor is mostly a user-based website with users as the primary source of generating content — for the GreenLeaders program, businesses that qualify as a sustainable, eco-friendly property will get ranked.

Based on a hotel or bed and breakfast’s assessment of sustainable, environmentally focused operations, businesses will qualify for a bronze, silver, gold or platinum award to wear proudly on their listing.

The criteria includes waste management efforts like recycling and composting, renewable energy sources like solar panels, linen programs that allow guests to reuse, charging stations for electric car options and more.

If your business is big into the environmental initiatives already, you’ll receive a sweet ranking based on your energy and water efficiency efforts and green business practices.

What other sites like this are available?

While TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders program is expanding, websites like offer green search options and the Netherland’s BookDifferent focuses on eco-friendly accommodations.

Often, various social media platforms will have a hash tag, filters or groups that could also provide more information for folks really into the green accommodation scene.

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