Question: I have to replace my conventional deep-fat fryer. Can I really save money by purchasing a high-efficiency model?

Answer: You can absolutely save money by installing a new high-efficiency fryer.

Like most high-efficiency appliances, natural gas fryers cost more up-front—about $3,900, as opposed to $2,780 for a conventional model—but they’ll pay for themselves in energy savings over the long term, with a payback period of about two years.

According to the Canadian government’s Office of Energy Efficiency, installing a high-efficiency natural gas fryer will save you approximately $540 per year in energy costs. An electric model will save you about $77 per year and take approximately 7.7 years to pay itself off.

What makes a high-efficiency fryer different from conventional models? Well, better insulation, for one. Advances in heat exchanger and burner/element design also allow for increased efficiency, saving energy consumption by up to 40%.

If you’re concerned about the up-front costs of a new natural gas high-efficiency fryer, check out our energy efficiency rebates section. It includes an offer for $100 back when you purchase and install a high-efficiency natural gas fryer.

Image credit: New Mexico Gas Company